If you would like to be on the MMAAC Committee, You will need to:

1) Be prepared to make a commitment for 1 year. (This is not just service work, AA’s are counting on you)

2) Be available for Committee meetings on certain Sunday afternoons all year long.

3) Decide what position you would like. (some are busy all year, others are busy only during the convention)

4) Be prepared to tell the fellowship why you should be elected. (others may want the same position)

5) Have a second choice if the first one doesn’t work out.

6) Come to the MMAAC Election Meeting (you can’t be elected if you’re not there)

7) Some positions may go unfilled and can be filled at a later time (watch for flyers)

8) If you’re not ready for the responsibility of a full Committee position, you can be a co-chair and still help out.

9) Read the Job Descriptions below (Note: all positions also require adherence to the Additional Duties)

Click on each title below to read more about the position: