Q: If I pay in advance and don’t show up can I get a refund?
A: After paying all the expenses, funds not kept as seed money for the following year is donated to all levels of the AA organization.
A: Sorry, the money is used whether you come or not, thanks for helping carry the message. Maybe it paid the way for a newcomer.

Q: Can I bring my dog?
A: Yes but sometimes it’s hard to keep them quiet with all the activity.

Q: What are the Campground / Convention Rules?
A: See Campground Rules

Q: If I just want to see and hear one speaker, why do I have to pay more than $1.00 like a regular speaker meeting?
A: We bring in speakers at great expense. For 3 days, the price is $35.
A: Please read “Why do I have to pay?”

Q: Who do I pay?
A: Take a completed form and a check made out to MMAAC and mail to: Box 8925, Rockford, IL 61126.

Q: Will there be interpreters for the hearing impaired?
A: We will secure the interpreters only if they are requested on a registration form,
it will then be announced on the website.

Q: Can I buy a “Pig Roast” meal ticket when I arrive?
A: Maybe, We hope to run out, so buy one in advance if you want one.

Q: Is Camping free?
A: Yes, it is included with a paid registration.

Q: Can I arrive earlier in the week and camp or set up to camp?
A: Thursday is the first day available for camping (with additional fee), no entry is allowed before that.
A: Friday and Saturday nights are included in the registration fee.

Q: Can we bring an RV and trailer the bikes?
A: Yes. We now have plenty of room for RVs.

Q: Is there electricity available?
A: Yes, most spots have 50A.

Q: Can I reserve a specific campsite?
A: No, we will do our best to accommodate everybody’s needs but site selection is on a first-come first-served basis.
A: Certain campsites are needed for various convention functions, check with any committee member before setting up.
We’d hate to have you move to make room for Vendor tents.

Q: Does MMAAC conflict with Founder’s Day in Akron, Ohio?
A: No, it does not for 2016. Some years it will conflict, other years it won’t.
June is the best time in Northern Illinois because it’s not too cold or too hot for camping.
(We also have to avoid Fathers’ Day, 4th of July and any International AA Conferences)

Q: Is there a number I can leave with my loved ones in case of an emergency?
A: Yes, TBA